Christmas Break

We spent the last week in WI.  It was WONDERFUL.  Its so much fun to see family and friends.  I was even able to visit with my Uncle Harvey who lives in NC.  I haven’t seen him in years.  I even survived not opening gifts until around 3:00 pm on Christmas.  It was hard, but I kept busy.

We didn’t do TOO much, mostly sitting on the couch watching TV.  But Tuesday we brought Abby ice skating.  Check her out….she has rythm “step, step, glide”.  I love her.  She informed me she doesn’t want to play hockey like Aunt Catie, she’d rather be a princess ice skater.

On Wednesday, Sarah, B & I went to Beaver Creek Reserve to go snowshoeing.  I loved it.  But as B said, its easier to do while on the trail.  I’m thinking of taking Lucy up tot he mountains sometime this winter & taking her.  She’ll love it.  Never mind B taping my rear end snowshoeing.  Matt just watched the video and said it sounds like sasquatch walking through the woods.

We met Brian R at the 400 Club Wednesday night.  Its our once a year meeting place.  Its perfect. This year, Matt got challenged by “skinner” (a INCREDIBLY intoxicated man…i mean, can’t stand up, and you get a buzz from his breath when he talks to you) to pushups.  Skinner thought he could beat Matt.  I told Matt to take it, we could always use an easy $100.  But then Skinner took back his bet – he’s broke.  Bummer.

Thursday we got a visit from my cousin Amy Jo.  She only stayed for a bit, but it was great to see her, Bryce & Caleb.  Thursday night the whole family went to Pizza Del Re for an early birthday dinner for me.  I love that place.  Yum Yum Yum!!  Matt tried to be an awesome Uncle & win Abby a toy out of the claw machine, but he ran out of money before he won.  I scrounged up a few more quarters and BAM, first try, the purple ball she wanted.  Win Aunt Catie.  Abby went running back to our seats so excited with her purple ball, she got some cheers from some strangers at another table.  I tried to get Gabe a stuffed monkey, but that equaled a big FAIL.  Oh well…he’s to young to care…right?  After that, we went to see “Little Fockers” with B, Dave, Sarah, & Chuck.  It was a good movie, lots of funny parts.

Lucy spent half of the holiday’s at our friend Josh’s.  His dad adores her.  She spent the rest with our friend Brad.  He brought her to his apartment and she had a blast with his dog, Boo (who’s stayed with us for some time, so no stranger to Lucy) and another dog, Cassie (he’s dog watching).  They had a blast together.  I can tell because Lucy hasn’t left the couch since we got home last night.  She’s exhausted.  Also, Lucy had her first encounter with a cat.  Lucy-0 Cat-1.  Brad told us the cat actually was chasing Lucy & hissing at her.  Oh Lucy!!!

One thing we were looking forward to when we came home (besides seeing Lucy) was our new shed.  We’ve been needing a new shed for storage for a long time coming.  And finally…we have one.  Good news is, Juan got it up before we got home.  Bad news is…its not in the right spot.  Who puts a shed here?  In the middle of the yard?

Its supposed to be tucked nicely into this corner.

hopefully….he’s not done.  Otherwise, I will not be a happy camper.



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3 responses to “Christmas Break

  1. B

    Juan!!!!! The shed looks great………in the middle ofy our yard . 🙂

  2. sasqwatch (toe)

    i like the shed too…… in the middle of the yard. 🙂

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